I'm sure most of us can get behind this

2022.01.24 01:26 RettigJ I'm sure most of us can get behind this

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2022.01.24 01:26 kittym-206 What about bouquets?

What do people do with bridal/bridesmaids bouquets during the ceremony/reception? Any suggestions or cute ideas?
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2022.01.24 01:26 svanapps r/cardano - Why doesn't SundaeSwap or MuesliSwap support Yoroi wallet?

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2022.01.24 01:26 NoAd7565 Interest Rates - Casual Chit Chat Series

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2022.01.24 01:26 goran1031 Zombeavers.

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2022.01.24 01:26 RGswerv Can someone tell me what’s going on here?

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2022.01.24 01:26 str8outtapallet KIMBAAAAAALY

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2022.01.24 01:26 Saul_G0od_MaN impracctal joakr

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2022.01.24 01:26 HauntingNote1 Here's a lil number I call, 'I'ma Do It Again'

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2022.01.24 01:26 superzenki Sleepy babies

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2022.01.24 01:26 Warlock132senpai He had a point

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2022.01.24 01:26 mamastacyca 🐘Uncut cock smells like…

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2022.01.24 01:26 StoriesWithSquirrels Squirrel Marathon w/Some Surprises

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2022.01.24 01:26 DangerCobz Oster stainless microwave $45

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2022.01.24 01:26 Seven_Vandelay TIL Newman was also in the JFK in the same reconstruction scene that was referenced in Seinfeld

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2022.01.24 01:26 RiddleEatsRainbows How exactly does one measure skill level?

I ask this in wake of all the posts complaining about SBMM- I can understand that people feel theres an unfair system in place when they're consistently losing bc I feel that too sometimes, but then I wonder- what concrete proof do we have of the system being unfair or broken in the first place?
Everyone says they're getting matched with people at much higher skill levels. How exactly are we even measuring skill level in a battle royale game? How SHOULD skill level be measured? Is it based on kill percentages within a certain lobby, win rate, player damage or building? Or account age?
I'm not asking any of this to poke at the people struggling in pubs. I'm sincerely asking, because everyone I've seen blames SBMM, but there doesnt appear to be a strong consensus on what EXACTLY is wrong with it.
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2022.01.24 01:26 canadiensharkie You ever just

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2022.01.24 01:26 osrs_100 Euthanasia should be legally allowed if you have had documented proof that you've been deeply depressed and suicidal for many years and it's not getting better.

I think everyone should give life their best shot. But I think to myself, giving up isn't a sign of weakness. It's an indication someone has tried and tried again and still can't get it. I think a depressed person who has tried multiple times over and over again to get better mental health or try to have a better life and it hasn't worked out and things are still depressed, lonely, hopeless etc. I think they have the right to euthanasia. If you've tried therapy, you've tried medication, you've tried to change the enviroment you're in, you've tried 101 things and over years you're still in a pit of depression/suicide, I think you deserve to end your suffering. We have the right to our bodies. We should have the right to end it if we feel it's not getting better and all options have been explored.
Sorry, this is kinda a mess, I didn't know how to put it.
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2022.01.24 01:26 kyuhl_ [SEA] Immortal 2 Controller/Flex LFT

Hi, I'm looking for a dedicated team to get better together with. I mainly play controller for my recent team but I'm willing to learn and hungry to improve.
-Fluent in English and Filipino
-Proficient in Raze, Reyna, all controllers, KAYO
-Faceit lv10 2200 elo if that matters lol
-16th FPSThailand Tournament by Inno3D
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2022.01.24 01:26 fighter1227 Kimbally

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2022.01.24 01:26 CringySauce A sub for cringy kids on TikTok, YouTube, etc

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2022.01.24 01:26 Cvelasques George is hoping you’re his next best friend…

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2022.01.24 01:26 aj_v Some basic piano/keyboard questions

Hi Everyone,
This is the first question I'm posting on reddit - apologies if there are any formatting or rule errors that I'm making or if I have repeated a question which has already been asked.
A couple of months back, I bought a keyboard (Yamaha PSR e-363) - 61-key touch sensitive.
I do have a bit of experience in music - I can play the violin and a bit of the guitar.
Due to the pandemic and the fact that there are not much piano teachers nearby, I thought of teaching myself how to play the keyboard.
There are several pieces that I would like to eventually learn how to play (classical as well as some anime openings/ed) - yes, I understand that this would take quite a bit of time and I would have to ensure that I don't pickup bad habits. The concern I have here is that some of the music sheets for the pieces I am interested in playing are for a full 88-key piano. Is there anyway these pieces can be transcribed to be played on a 61-key keyboard ? I kind of understood that some pieces require the full octave range on a 88-key piano - but I don't see myself buy a piano atleast for some time.
Waiting to here from you all on this.
Thanks in Advance and Have a nice day !
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2022.01.24 01:26 MaskedUp91 Tremendous

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2022.01.24 01:26 ilgazcl "PenguinCam” shows a Gentoo penguin’s amazing agility as it feeds on a school of fish

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