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[USA-TX] [H] PS4 Pro RDR2 Limited Edition 1TB w/ Spiderman 2018 (GOE Edition), Detroit Become Human [W] Local cash or PayPal

2022.01.23 23:43 r2----d2 [USA-TX] [H] PS4 Pro RDR2 Limited Edition 1TB w/ Spiderman 2018 (GOE Edition), Detroit Become Human [W] Local cash or PayPal

Upgrading to PS5
No smoke, no pet household
Comes with Power, HDMI and Dual shock controller
Asking for 300$ local or 300+ shipping
Prefer Local 75039, DFW
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2022.01.23 23:43 Little-Shock967 Quarrel with Boss

Hello dear redditors, here's how my story goes. I was hired by a manufacturing company as a production engineer 3 months after my graduation. I was excited that I have secured a job and hoped I would excel in it. So my boss is if the only person in the company who is of the same race/religion as me. The rest of the employees were all Malay race, a race in Muslim religion. So my boss explained to me about my job to improve the production of the company and monitor the work of the operators. I explained to her that I have a torn muscle injury in my left upper back and currently undergoing physiotherapy. So I can't lift heavy objects using my left arm. It's an 8 to 5 job and sometimes I will be asked to work untill 7pm and counted as overtime. Things were going fine untill I started to realise I hate the job. I always started to cry in the company washroom and couldn't bear with the fast paced production. Since I am a slow and deep thinker, I felt like not contributing enough when the production staffs ask me questions in a rapid way. My boss sees me as a little slow worker. She didn't tell me I'm slow. But she asked me to work more actively. After a month, I was feeling like I wasn't helping much in the production because before I process a problem and come up with a solution, my line leader would make a decision and carry on. I felt being wasteful there and I started to directly ask my boss whether my performance in the company is okay or not. She replied that I am good. I also asked my boss whether I am really helpful for the line leader. She replied that yes, so far you are communicating well with the staffs. It's good. So I was a little confused at that time. So one day, one of the operators in my company did a mistake by inserting the wrong fuses in wires. It was almost 200 wrongly inserted fuses. Instead of inserting fuses with the value of 1A, the operator inserted the fuses with the value of 3.15 A. We didnt know about the mistake untill we realised there is an extra 200 pieces of 1A fuses haven't used yet. It's a big problem now since the wires containing the wrong fuses were already sent to the company's sorting place which is located in another state. The operators in the sorting place already packed everything in boxes to be shipped to other countries. So now, my boss asked me and 4 operators to travel to the company in the other state and find the wrong fuses inside the wire and replace them with the right ones. Unfortunately, there were a total of 5400 wires packed already for shipping. We have to carry each heavy box, open it and find for the wrong wires. There were a total of 300 boxes. I had to carry the boxes using only my right arm mainly, because I have am injured left upper back. We successfully managed to find 165 wrong fuses on that day. But then, we came back to our company since it was already late. Then, the next day we went to the company in the other state again to find the remaining 35 wrong fuses. We only managed to find 4 pieces. Heck it was really tiring. Then on the third day, my boss asked why didn't you picked up my call? She said she called me 10 times. I checked in my call log and there wasnt any proof there. But there was proof in her call log. Weird. So I told her I'm very sorry Madam, it could be a line problem. She said she's not believing me. She said I'm lying. Then she said "if you could have found every fuses two days, I would've saluted you, but you failed. I am only going to give you two operators to travel with you from now on. No more 4 operators." So I when to the other company again on the third day to find the remaining 31 pieces of fuses. But this time with only 2 operators. So only 3 of us this time will be finding for the fuses. We successfully found 22 pieces and came back because it was too late already. Then my boss got a little angry and said "I can't keep sending operators with you. The production will be disturbed here." So she sent me alone, knowing that I have an injury. Before I went there, she asked me come to the production area and started scolding me in front of everyone including operators, line leaders and others about my mistake on printing a label wrongly. She asked me whom did I confirmed to that the label that I printed is correct. I remember really well that after I printed the labels, I confirmed with the line leader who is in charge of sticking the label. The line leader said the labels were correct. So in front of everyone, I told my boss I confirmed with someone from the LED section. I didn't tell who. She kept asking who was it ? who was it? who was it? in front of everyone. So I couldn't manage to hold it and told it was the line leader whom I confirmed to about the label. The line leader then smiled sarcastically as if I was lying. Then after the discussion, my boss personally told me that I shouldn't pinpoint the mistake of someone. I have to accept it as my own fault. She said I have to learn more about working here. She said that the reason for that is if I pinpoint someone's mistake there, they won't cooperate with me by not following my instructions since I am and engineer. I was a bit shocked with that statement. Whatever, so I went alone to the other company on that day to find the remaining fuses and couldn't manage to find the remaining 9 pieces and came back. So they decided that the 9 pieces will be left without checking since the shipment day is already near. Unfortunately, since I lifted all the boxes with one arm, I had an unusual cramp on my lower back. I couldn't walk properly or sit the next day. So I took a medical leave for that day and explained the situation to my boss in text. She texted take care. And after a few hours, she texted saying "tomorrow we are going to the other company to repair another mistake done by our operators. Please be there at 6.45am. " I went to work the next day and asked her if there are any operators coming with us to the other company today to help since I couldn't lift heavy boxes. She asked me what really is your problem? Why can't you lift heavy boxes? I told her that I told her earlier about my injury. It was my upper back muscle injury. Now, I also have some lower back pain from all that lifting too. She got frustrated and asked me to drive the car to the other company. During the drive, she asked me questions regarding the petrol receipts of the company car for the past 4 days since I used the company car to travel to the other company. I already gave receipts for 3 days. I lost the receipt of only one day's of travel. So I told her I'm sorry Madam. I lost the receipt for one day. I will pay in cash if the company want me too. She kept asking me detailed questions about the receipt while I was driving. I lost my focus a little and there was a bump on the road that I didn't realise and I failed to slow down. The car bounced quite high and that made the operators inside the car and my boss scared . I said I am extremely sorry Madam, I didn't see that bump. I also apologized to the operators. I said I couldn't focus on my driving since I was answering her questions. She then asked me " so if I asked you questions, you will drive like this?". I said no, I didn't drive like that on purpose. It's just that I lost focus while answering your questions. She then got mad and took the car from me halfway. She drove us to the other company. She didn't even talk to me throughout our drive. After we done repairing at the other company, she drove us back to our company. Again, she wasn't talking to me or asking me any questions. When we arrived at the gate of the company, she then started asking me, "do you know what position I hold in this company?" I said yes, you are the boss. She then said yes. She started to scold me again, in front of the operators in the car, saying that I have attitude problem, I am not thinking about the safety of the operators while driving, quoting the road bump incident. I said no, I was losing focus while answering your questions, I dont drive like that on purpose. She said," no no no. U have attitude problem. I'm going to issue a warning letter." She then said, "as an engineer you should be supportive for the company. You are not supportive. You even made me drive the car while coming back. " How does she expect me to take the car if she took the car from me at the start. She took the car from me because she didn't feel "safe". So I didn't take the car while coming back. And she never even asked me to take the car. She kept quiet and now she's saying I wasn't being supportive. I even asked her if I was performing good a week ago. She even said yes and I'm good and being helpful for the company. All of a sudden, I am not being supportive? So which one is true? I ha no idea. She then kept saying my attitude is not good, very bad. Out of my frustrations, I couldn't help but just spit the words" then don't confirm me for your company. I don't need this job." She then said ok, thank you, no problem. Then told me I am stupid in front of the operators. I got really mad and and told her " you learnt everything in 2 months, is it?" . She got mad and asked me how can say that. We both went home after that. I took 2 more days of medical leave because the cramp came back. Tomorrow is the last day of my medical leave . She didn't contact me, me neither. What could possibly happen? Should I go to the company as usual? Or should I wait until she does something like firing? Need your thoughts on this. Thank you so much for reading everyone. Have a nice day.
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2022.01.23 23:43 UltimateDiscordMod Say you could activate your fight or flight response at will. Apart from dangerous situations, when would you use it for?

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2022.01.23 23:43 Spiffyx_ Asking An A.I To Draw Mizkif

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2022.01.23 23:43 AgentVasco69 Tried out a new outfit today. What'd you think ?

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2022.01.23 23:43 Orangebabeee Any offers?

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2022.01.23 23:43 alwayssunnyinupstate I wish Mercari allowed partial refunds.

I bought a bundle from someone, 4 items, 3/4 items arrived as described but one did not. It had stains on it. Ask the seller to return just that shirt for a refund and they agree, now I just learned Mercari doesn’t do partial refunds. As a seller on Depop and eBay that allows partial refunds, that is super annoying. I can see how it’s a choice that could be abused, but overall it seems like a very good choice to have for cases like this. Now I have to just deal with one of items being flawed but cannot return it, as I’d like to support this seller and not return everything! Huh?
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2022.01.23 23:43 NonStopKnits Perry fully loafed, catnip banana for scale

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2022.01.23 23:43 mateusonego How to group Page Views url's containing the same parameters?

Hello everyone!
I'm pretty sure this is possible and easy, so I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble finding how to do it.
On Google Universal Analytics, how can I group page views containing the same parameters (no matter the values), for example "fbclid", "utm", "gclid", to compare with each others and page views with url's not containing?
- I'll also take this opportunity to ask: how can I group sources/mediums containing the same domains to compare with each other? I tried "Content Grouping" but since it may takes 24h to apply, I'm not really sure it'll implement the view I want... -
Thank you all in advance!
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2022.01.23 23:43 Jaharoldson01 Which Gundam game MS do you guys want Bandai to make next?

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2022.01.23 23:43 wannabeyy There’s no patience for mental health issues like there is for physical health

People are much more patient with say someone who has a broken leg, and takes a while to get anywhere, versus someone who has anxiety and may do things to get on your nerves sometimes. Where’s the patience, the sympathy? Just like with a physical injury, it takes time to heal from a mental illness as well. it’s so tiring feeling like it’s my fault for being me, despite doing things to try to change.
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2022.01.23 23:43 Redditor892819083018 My Walkman Is acting strange

I have a WM-F63 and for some reason the radio on it works but the Cassette does not.
It just plays some buzzing sound through it, Everything in it spins and moves as it should and I tried it with 3 tapes and nothing has worked so help is appreciated
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2022.01.23 23:43 TheTwelveYearOld Let's play a fun guessing game, when Revice ends, how many characters at Fenix will have been revealed as imposters or traitors working for the Deadmans?

So far we have two:

View Poll
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2022.01.23 23:43 literally_a_fuckhead Anabolic Accelerant Not Working(?)

Just unlocked tier 18. unlocking new tech items, yay, cool, I picked up the Anabolic Accelerant expecting to have something to top my health up when I'm low in the middle of a subzone. I have it equipped and... Nothing happens when I press 5. I spawn in, have my normal amount of health, and that's it. I press 5, nothing. I try it out when I'm lower than 100, nothing. Very confused.

Am I completely missing something here?
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2022.01.23 23:43 kushberrykush 3 bears x Mango

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2022.01.23 23:43 Affectionate_Ad_5273 Physiology 3200

Does anyone have any good study resources for this class that they’re using or have online resources that were effective. Any tips would be appreciated cause I’m trying to figure this out.
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2022.01.23 23:43 Minnie25W Who are your heroes? Here are a few of mine...

Sadly, they're all dead and now they have a bad reputation in the fake news media and on Wikipedia where lies and slander are the norm.
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2022.01.23 23:43 kickarseLprogamer Non virgins of Reddit, how does the inside of a vagina feel like?

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2022.01.23 23:43 kshark12 A little joke between my brother and I

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2022.01.23 23:43 grimmset7 How to rebuild public image after ex using social media to destroy using character assassination (Rumors, Lies and Framings)

Yep. From baiting to property damage and even my family got involved. Now, I don't quite know how deep it was, but I want to learn.
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2022.01.23 23:43 KINGVBULLY Clown 2/4

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2022.01.23 23:43 kks53 Cold weather battery drain? (Fenix 6 pro)

I went on a 90 minute fat bike ride today in 15 degree (F) temps and snow. With my Fenix 6 pro on the handlebar, chest strap attached, gps+glonass......battery dropped 34% in those 90 min.
That's like a 4.5 hour activity run time, meaning I couldn't even do a full afternoon ride if starting from 100% charge. I understand that cold weather will impact battery performance but this seems excessive. My battery has behaved pretty much as expected otherwise, so not suspecting an issue with my specific watch just yet.
But does anyone else have experience with cold weather battery drain?
Interesting note: When I ended the activity the watch went automatically into battery saver watch mode...maybe there is a temp trigger?
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2022.01.23 23:43 AngelitodeAventura I hate my body

My torso has no curves so I look like a door. I wish that I could say I just have body dysmorphia but no because I do fucking look stupid. And the fitness subs just rub it my face that no matter what exercise I do- ill never have waist curves unless I grow a ginormous thighs and ass as if thats even easy
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2022.01.23 23:43 Bandicoot-Healthy Would really appreciate some support, small streamer but pretty active

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2022.01.23 23:43 progamercabrera Modded game textures are bugging out. On what sub can I post a mod list to determine how to fix?

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