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Pancho kitty lives to ride another day

2022.01.24 01:45 Longjumping-Eye-3897 Pancho kitty lives to ride another day

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2022.01.24 01:45 euphoricpages My boy is all grown up 💙

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2022.01.24 01:45 GorilloSoul Just got into buying stock and saw one called UserTesting is more logical to buy new stocks

It was just posted and seems to be dropping in its first week but the purpose of the company looks like something that would be very big and the stock currently $6.51.
Would it be better to buy stock for a company like this which has a low overall price per stock so I can get full stocks or better to buy portions of stocks from larger more established companies?
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2022.01.24 01:45 betweenboundary I think shadow is gorgeous, what do y'all think

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2022.01.24 01:45 Da-Fie Holy Roman Emperors want only one thing!

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2022.01.24 01:45 realstuckonstupid The prep boxing team wants our head! (Bully Scholarship Edition | Part 3)

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2022.01.24 01:45 Karimoose My boyfriend makes mean jokes sometimes

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, almost 3 now. Everything was fine as first. He was always romantic and would sweet talk me. Well after a couple years, he started being… mean? He always tells me his problems and I always try to help him. I know he’s going through a lot, poor guy. Well one time I tried bringing up my personal problems and he said “Yeah, that’s none of my business.” And I just looked at him and he said, “I’m kidding.” He always “pretends” to be mean with me around his family and friends. One time, his brother was talking about a movie. And I wanted to watch it. My boyfriend just said “Yeah, she wants to watch it too. She’s always crying about it.” He always “acts” stingy too. Sometimes I’ll try to take a bite off his plate and he says “No” and takes it away from me. I always share my food with him. Then he’ll say “I’m kidding.” Just earlier this evening, I asked what movie he was watching. He said, “Don’t worry about it.” Like sorry for asking? And he never made fun of my looks but I rarely get compliments anymore :( He just says “You look good” every once in awhile. There’s more incidents like this but I can only think of these scenarios for now. What do I do? I try bringing up these issues with him. But he just says “I’m sorry. I always joke around with people like this.” Idk I want to be with him but there have been times where he made me cry because he seems mean. We both have dark humor but his jokes towards me seem kinda mean. Well that’s what I think, at least. I just need advice, that’s all.
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2022.01.24 01:45 AnxiousFact6181 Is he not the right person for me or is it ROCD?

I met the most amazing guy. He checks off all my boxes and we also have incredible physical chemistry. But from the beginning, I’ve always obsessed about whether or not he’s my husband, I wonder if there’s someone better for me, I compare my relationship to others, and am hypercritical of him! My friends tell me when I meet the right person I’ll feel peace and that he’s probably not my person. While I don’t have those crazy sparks or KNOW he’s my person, I feel very loved and secure in the relationship. Sure, he can be really strange and socially awkward, but he treats me better than I’ve ever been treated in my life. My mind just doubts it all the time solely because of the things I nit pick about his personality and having FOMO in dating. Anyone ever dealt with this?? Is he simply not my person and I just think I have ROCD? Or is this solely ROCD? I ended things with him because I couldn’t handle my doubts and anxiety but a huge part of me feels like I let a one-in-a-million guy go. 🙁
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2022.01.24 01:45 Nicestguyforsure No news since interview completed. Anyone?

My interview officer said he needs to look into my files more and didn’t give me approval on the spot. Has anyone been in similar situation? It’s been 40 days.. (Salt Lake City FO)
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2022.01.24 01:45 Blue_Bladez07 Feels like I see a lot of those posts

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2022.01.24 01:45 TheDude-of-the-dudes Advice for how and where to send to get it graded please! Thank you!

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2022.01.24 01:45 cachexxdb macOS password policy doesn't seem to take on enrollment

Been having issues with macOS and password policies with Intune. Been testing with 10.15 and up and running 12.1 now.
In Intune I have a policy set to not allow simple passwords, etc. On enrollment and you get to the setup account, they don't get enforced. I have tried a configuration profile and it seems to get applied randomly at times.
Another issue is if you enable to force a password, that seems to cause all kinds of problems and forces the user to having to keep changing the local password. Just seems unstable.
Wondering what others have setup?
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2022.01.24 01:45 JigglyTofuu Thic nikki(?)

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2022.01.24 01:45 Far-Action4231 What is a good scientific calculator that I should buy? I’m in Dyson as a freshman btw

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2022.01.24 01:45 Konihampton Man’s best friend. 🐾

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2022.01.24 01:45 andcruz2 This is one of Carti's pictures

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2022.01.24 01:45 blueguy333 music kits are obnoxious

there is not a single good song in any of the music kitsy each and everyone is cringe especially scarxyz or whatever the fuck hes called i have to mute them every game the only use they have is tilting the enemy
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2022.01.24 01:45 JestaNesta Looking to sell, just wondering what would be a fair price?

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2022.01.24 01:45 inacubicle1 MyAir app notification - how to clear it?

MyAir app on my iPhone has a 1 in a red circle indicating a notification. I can't find the message in the app. I turned off all notifications. Restarted by phone, the annoying 1 is still there. Where the heck is the message?
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2022.01.24 01:45 Fantastic_Ad_3015 Need a reminder of why it is better for Dumbledore to be killed by Snape?

Yes Severus steps up for him but what would the difference be if he was killed by a Death Eater?
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2022.01.24 01:45 MappyAF free hot cash $15 off 30

$15 off a purchase of $30 or more

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2022.01.24 01:45 SomePenguin09 For those of you born before the year 2000 and know what y2k was, were you scared?

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2022.01.24 01:45 eimiie book about young boy and older girl with drug problems

i can’t remember this book, but it’s about a boy who i’m not sure how old maybe like 12-13 ? meets this girl who’s in her late teens (?early 20’s?) in an alley way behind her house or something. then they like start to hang out all the time and the boy looks up to her. i can’t remember the exact plot but she was addicted to drugs and didn’t have a good relationship with her family. she had a super messy house and stuff too that the boy helped her clean. then she goes missing and turns out she went to rehab or something or like she pretended she wasn’t on drugs anymore but she still was idk. i can’t remember everything but i really want to read this book again !! if it helps i live in Australia so possibly an Aussie author ? not too sure. I read this book in either 2018 2019 or 2020 i can’t remeber at all lol. Also i have tried searched this in google and it is not “Looking for Alice”.
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2022.01.24 01:45 smb1509 Creepy Backpacking Story

New to Reddit, but saw a thread about creepy backpacking stories on Instagram, wanted to post here since an IG comment isn’t true to storytelling. It was 2020, sometime in July. My (now) fiancée and I took her best friend on her first backpacking trip to Marquette, MI, area after we’d gone for 5 years. The trip was shitty, caring for somebody who wasn’t ready for it, but there was one day that made for one of the worst experiences of my life. We were temporarily camping near MQT, a few miles out of town, and drove about 50-75 miles west to visit an abandoned logging town from the early 1900’s. Me and my fiancée had hiked here and toured the site before a year prior, eerie, but nothing serious. A cool day hike within range of our campsite that we could reach and return from before sunset. We arrive as the rain ends rather early in the morning, some time after 10am. We gear up, and the three of us hike in. No human presence, no tracks, scant evidence that the DNR had weedwhacked the month prior. Mosquitos were horrible. We hike in about 20 minutes or so, and suddenly the forest goes silent. We were so pestered by mosquitos we all didn’t notice. About 5-10 minutes later, we stumble into what we think is a former campsite - cleared brush, saplings cut for firewood, and two campfires that had been extinguished. Don’t think much of it until we check the second fire, and it’s still warm. We’re all chilled, decided to keep going to the abandoned town. About 5 minutes later, we all nope the fuck out. Come across a small, muddy bog from the morning rain. In it, there’s tracks from a large man’s boot, and tracks from a large dog, and they’re running perpendicular to the trail and off into thick brush. All of the sudden the ‘creepy’ ‘watched’ feeling we got walking through the suddenly silent woods made perfect sense. It was like someone was deliberately avoiding the trail to avoid being seen, but had left when they heard us coming and were watching us. Mind you, this is in a place people genuinely DO NOT GO. It’s far out, there’s little to see, it’s never monitored. We turned tail and returned to the car, but the ‘watched’ feeling persisted until we left. First time I was ever happy to be open carrying - absolutely terrifying being so far from help, no service, in a place nobody would look with a mysterious stranger. We rode back to our camp in silence, the three of us still talk about that day once in awhile.
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2022.01.24 01:45 Belcuesus How much money was that?

So im re watching MMPR from the start and by episode 3 i found myself wondering just how much economic damage bulk and skull have caused in spilled shakes smoothies and cakes alone. Does anyone have a realistic guess on their overall impact over the seven or so seasons they are in?
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