Day 1 - Daily Datacamp challenge

2022.01.23 23:51 datacamping Day 1 - Daily Datacamp challenge

Day 1 - Daily Datacamp challenge Goal : Daily 1000XP
7 Day

Let's turn this into a fun competition
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2022.01.23 23:51 Matlabguru Python Projects for Beginners

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2022.01.23 23:51 EmperorCatBug 21 [M4F] -Idaho/anywhere- Listening to Ghibli music while drifting through an endless sea

Well maybe not that last part, but it’s how it feels. Man I love Ghibli though, anyone else? That studio made my childhood. I haven’t even seen all of Ghibli’s films yet, wanna watch someone who ever is reading this random rant? Oh I should probably say some stuff about me in this post.
Hi I’m josh, just a 21 year old goof from the land of potatoes and snow. Well I try to be a goof at least sometimes it’s hard, been in a rough patch lately, but it’s a new year so I got this! (I hope) anywho I can lost on random topics pretty easily, things I like though are really anything. I’m kinda a nerd, I like anime, some gaming, music, manga, reading, ooo and poetry. I love poetry, I try my best to write, but I’ll let you be the judge if I’m any good or not. Do you like poetry though? Tell me all the things you like I wanna know. I just want to find someone where we connect and just like boom joy ensues to both of us! (Man this is my most random incoherent post sorry)
Also I know starting convos can suck so really just say anything you want if you wanna talk, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Even if it’s like a random fact that you like blueberry French toast or something, just say it if there’s nothing else coming to mind. I just look forward to maybe chatting with you, so anywho thank you for reading this pos- well whatever this was. Have a great day (or night!) :)
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2022.01.23 23:51 Ok-Rush-8640 No gamechat... help

Anyone having issues with not having gamechat? It's so frustrating. I have voice chat enabled. I can party chat fine. But when I go to test my mic in the menus nothing is happening. I can't hear people and I cant talk...
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2022.01.23 23:51 AntiAbleism “I am sad to say that most white people are racist, either consciously or unconsciously.” - MLK

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2022.01.23 23:51 CriticalPurpleTree 32 [M4F] #Seattle - looking for FWB

Looking for someone who wants to get together for coffee, go to the parks, and if you're feeling down we can fuck and sext and play around as much or little as you like.
Me - Lots of interests and things I like to talk about. I garden, I like motorcycles, and leather cuffs to name a few. I'm fit and love to talk, but I also like to listen.
You - please be at least 21. Other than that just looking for someone who is feeling adventurous!
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2022.01.23 23:51 UsmanTheGreat [Taché] Spoelstra: “Shoot. If I knew LeBron was gonna play the five, we probably would have done that a decade ago… he’s pretty dynamic there.”

Lmaooo imagine Miami Bron playing the center position in the last decade. What could have been?
LeBron finished the game with 33 points, 11 boards, 4 assists in 12-22 shooting while playing center down the stretch against Bam and fellow small ball five PJ Tucker
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2022.01.23 23:51 Justhearforit You're a cop chasing a dangerous criminal when a child (anywhere from 8 yrs to 10) points a gun at you. That child is working with the criminal. If you shoot him, he will die. Would you shoot him? Why or why not?

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2022.01.23 23:51 purple__dog Am Spider

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2022.01.23 23:51 Johnny_Dough420 Can anyone recommend a good time lapse camera?

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2022.01.23 23:51 dankestnug420 [REVIEW] Grow Sciences LHR - GMO Cookies (purchased before papaya)

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2022.01.23 23:51 thekateofspades Yeah, sex is great, BUT have you ever sat down and had an ice cold glass of water after doing a strenuous task?

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2022.01.23 23:51 basspl8 Why did she give up

Why did she promise so many things. Why doesn't she want me anymore. I thought distance doesn't matter if you love someone enough. She said she wanted to be together forever but all of a sudden not anymore. I guess I was wrong and people change. I feel like she may have left me for someone she can physically be with. It stings a lot and I can't stop thinking about her.
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2022.01.23 23:51 camelyturtles223 Trading rideable shadow dragon, 7.2k robux, tombstone, unpotioned crow and more

The reason of my am inv is on u/ambrilyn profile (I’m gonna go to sleep in a few so might not respond
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2022.01.23 23:51 hyungenies help finding an ep (bomb, plane, boat)

It's towards the end of the ep, there's a very fun song where Zach has a bomb and he's going to sacrifice himself
the characters get on the plane, Zach: "I'm on the plane!" the characters move back to the boat, Zach: "I'm on the boat!"
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2022.01.23 23:51 joshklein37 The Band’s Visit

I have so many questions about this musical. I find it strange that it won Best Musical only 3 years ago and yet is already closed and seemingly forgotten, there aren’t even many posts in this sub about it. Not only did it win best musical but it won the big 5 too and yet it’s nowhere. I saw the touring company a few years ago when they came to my city and I didn’t love it, I found the music beautiful and certain elements of the story touching but I found the story slow and I was never really grabbed. Now I’m watching clips of the Broadway show and I’m really impressed, I feel like I missed something so I was wondering if you guys could help me out here. Was the touring company not great? Did the show just benefit from a weak season? Or did I miss something?
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2022.01.23 23:51 Nice_Writing_1537 My first rainbow DFE unit

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2022.01.23 23:51 likonma Guido Mista wants to play the games on yo phone

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2022.01.23 23:51 Crystallized611 Discard/Sleight of Hand should be moved to the Kit list instead of proficiencies.

They're not strong enough compared to actual the actual picks on the proficiency list to warrant them being there, and the Kit list has some garbage picks like Defender on snipers.
Also buff Sleight of Hand. It barely does anything in this game.
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2022.01.23 23:51 Carrolla (self made) Potion Icons

So, like many others I got annoyed with the fact that potions are not distinguishable by type in your inventory. I found quite a few mods that change potion icons, they work but only for potions that are the "standard" basic types sold by vendors or found as loot. Im playing as an alchemist and every potion I personally craft myself goes back to the default, randomly assigned icons. Being an alchemist 100% of the pots I use are my own so this defeats the purpose of said mods. Is this intended by these mods? Is there a mod that makes your own crafted pots distinguishable by type? Does anyone know of a way to make custom pots have icons that are recognizable by effect type?
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2022.01.23 23:51 galacticdude7 Sunday Thread brought to you buy Oh Shit, we forgot to make a Sunday Thread

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2022.01.23 23:51 eurodiablo Lake Louis is so beautiful. Taken with iPhone with no filter

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2022.01.23 23:51 JKbazookaRob Is K1 the future?

Anyone else feel like Kyler just isn't on the same level as this next generation of elite QBs we are watching in the playoffs (Mahomes, Allen, Burrow etc.?)
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2022.01.23 23:51 RandomCollection After a Year of Biden, Why Do We Still Have Trump’s Foreign Policy?

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2022.01.23 23:51 Vioarr 100% Completed! Such a fantastic game - praying for a PC port on initial release. Tell everyone to get this game!

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