Master’s Degree in Russia

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2021.12.03 04:20 Silver_Carnation Master’s Degree in Russia

Hi everyone :) I studied Russian for two years until intermediate level. In 2020 was supposed to go on exchange to RUDN university to participate in an immersive summer school programme that would have built up my speaking skills, however that was cancelled because of covid 😢.
I have been thinking about doing a masters degree in russia, either at RUDN, MGIMO, or somewhere else (maybe in law, politics, or international relations). They have degrees taught in English, and degrees taught in Russian. For the Russian degrees, they have a preparation programme for non-Russians to build up their Russian skills to the appropriate level before the degree. This is what I’m thinking of doing. I really want to go to to Russia and be immersed in the language and I believe in myself that it’s something I can do. But I was just wondering if anyone here has done that and what advice or recommendations do you recommend? Do you think it’s possible in less then a year to reach a level that is high enough to complete a master’s degree taught in Russian?
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2021.12.03 04:20 stokkks What's the covid situation at Whitefield?

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2021.12.03 04:20 Xulybeted12 How do I fix a too yellow foundation?

I bought Armani’s Neo-Nude foundation sight unseen because it was on a crazy sale. It turns out it’s too yellow on me, but I’m committed to making it work. Is there something I have on hand I could mix in-a liquid bronzer or maybe pink liquid highlighter? If I do need to go buy a color corrector, what should I be looking for?
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2021.12.03 04:20 youcanthide437 Love from the USA!

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2021.12.03 04:20 bannedbutstillhere Ride-hailing firm Ola plans 2022 IPO

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2021.12.03 04:20 TheMysticWarrior IB’s making everyone weak 💀💀

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2021.12.03 04:20 nate7007 If only they got to compete with the 426 hemi

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2021.12.03 04:20 Resident_Turnover273 Could someone help me by commenting links of the best Fortnite scripts

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2021.12.03 04:20 SDChargers001 Same plant-1st clone o/s 34 days. 30 gallon pot. 1/2 emt bent & staked so she doesn’t grow over the fence

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2021.12.03 04:20 rodericckcruz I wasn’t aware there was a purple bolide. (Daily race) is this new ?

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2021.12.03 04:20 procainamide Does your program pay for board exam fees?

We have an educational fund of 1000$. Previous graduates got their exam fees paid for by the program in addition to the 1000$ but this is not available from this year. How does it work in your program?
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2021.12.03 04:20 valueless47 OMG it’s Omicron — China’s EU strategy — Amnesty’s Agnès Callamard

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2021.12.03 04:20 skovalen My friend failed a residential plumbing inspection. Colorado state-level plumbing code which I think is UPC. Things seem strange.

Failed because:

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2021.12.03 04:20 Scalded-dog What’s the deal with Boost?

Can someone explain to me why all of the sudden when I logged onto match to check a profile of someone that “liked” my profile, that I all of a sudden entered into boost mode? I didn’t hit any special keys on the screen or anything and now I’ve waisted my one boost at 1am on a weekday morning.
Seems the same exact thing happened to me at the very beginning of last month too. Is this some sort OA algorithm within Matxh that if you don’t use your boost, it uses it for you regardless on your choice?
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2021.12.03 04:20 HoneyOrbit [Modest] Wooloo, F, 3

- Ditto Requested: Modest
- Pokémon Deposited: Wooloo
- Nickname: Mary
- Pokeball: Poké Ball
- Gender: Female
- Level: 3
- Home name: Jest
- GTS Message: I want to fill my Pokedex.
- Game Language: English
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2021.12.03 04:20 purnima_chauhan Is starting an online grocery delivery business in 2022 a great idea?

Recently one of my friends shared an article with me that says "setting up an online grocery delivery business in 2022" is a profitable business idea. But looking at the market condition where I feel that the demand for online grocery delivery services has dropped.
What is your opinion on this? Please share your valuable suggestions and thoughts.
The link to that article is attached here for your reference:
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2021.12.03 04:20 paky284 Do you recommend me to buy the game?

I'm not much of a "gamer", both because I don't have the time, and neither didn't found an accessible and fun game. Specs aren't really an issue, mine isn't a gaming laptop but surely my 8-core Ryzen 7 4700U and 16GB will smoothly play the game.
And, how does it play on Linux?
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2021.12.03 04:20 Glum-Championship745 I think it's okay to revert MoM

Now that we have perks like boons, Overcome and built to last, people can stack resurgances and we'll make its and anti slugging jazz synergize so well with new validation, there is a LOT of competition for the old time great perks that didn't really exist back in the day. Remember WGLIF before it went ultra instinct?

Bring back MoM to it's glory days, especially in a heal or reset meta, it can open up cool new builds
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2021.12.03 04:20 kdyatls What are the things you can do in coop?

I just only started doing coop on genshin this week and I'm trying to think of things me and my low ar friend can do together. Domains, leylines, and bosses got repetitive for us. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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2021.12.03 04:20 happy_dick_punch Fidelity showing “Very Bearish” 0.7 rating for GME. 🤣

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2021.12.03 04:20 The8thfallen Help him out...

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2021.12.03 04:20 creampieyourself This ain’t funny it’s just pathetic

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2021.12.03 04:20 LunarTheSpaceCat Staircase down

Staircase down can you add it to the game i want to go DOWN >:C
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2021.12.03 04:20 Valuable_Growth_9552 Added a few lights to the bike. I think people can finally see me now!

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2021.12.03 04:20 Risk_Hopeful Emily Ratajkowski

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