Most of Vaush' problems stem from overconfidence

2021.10.16 12:59 HumbleNoise4 Most of Vaush' problems stem from overconfidence

I feel like Vaush sometimes takes positions that he can't substantiate well because he has some conception that he can argue every position well. Ahrelevants arguments were totally salient. Vaush took the opposing opinion (imo) not because he actually analyzed the situation and reached the conclusion that Hasan shouldn't be held to those responsibilities, but because he Hasan gets attacked a lot from the right etc.
So I just want to say, as a long time community member, Vaush you can't argue every position well. We notice when you're just slinging random sentences together with long words that don't mean anything. We notice when you're making an argument because of its optics and not because of its substance, it's very apparent. This is very clearly an issue of overconfidence. I mean, how many people do you know that'll have several hours-long arguments about philosophy when they know jackshit about it?
I think Vaush needs to have more realistic expectations for what things he can argue for and admit when he can't make a good argument for something. He is smart enough to know when the arguments for a position aren't strong, so he shouldn't take such positions for external reasons like optics. It just makes him look bad.
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2021.10.16 12:59 Alice__CD This thing has pockets! Isn't it just amazing?

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2021.10.16 12:59 Illustriousesque It would be cool if we had some more catchphrases.

So far we've got 'No romo', 'I came out of the quiver', and 'Roll for romance (nat1)' but that's really the only ones I can find. So I was wondering if anybody had other catchphrase ideas?
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2021.10.16 12:59 SynergyRamoz Your thoughts on the new macbook dropping next week and the current M1 mac’s

Hello everyone! I got my first MacBook Pro (M1) 1 month ago. I’ve been using all other  devices for over a decade now but never gave mac a try but now I regret not getting a Mac before. So the point of the post is that next week the new Mac’s will drop with the supposed “M1X” chip with a redesign and the removal of touch-bar. Will it be worth upgrading to that ? Did I rushed with my decision ? Or am I totally fine and should just stick with this M1 Mac ? Btw I really like the touch-bar that’s the second reason why I bought this MacBook Pro while the first reason being M1 chip. And to all the people using M1 MacBook Pro/Air here will you guys be upgrading to new macs or you’ll be sticking with your M1 MacBook ? Let me know. Thank you.
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2021.10.16 12:59 Theta-Sigma45 Day of the Dead is the best Romero Zombie movie.

Everyone always acts like it's the 'black sheep' of his initial trilogy, but for me, it has the most atmospheric setting, the most memorable characters, and the best look into the Zombies as a concept.
People tend to dislike how dark it is next to the other films in the trilogy (especially Dawn, with its dark humour and satire), but I think it's merely taking the most logical step for a series about Zombies taking over, with things just getting worse and worse. I love fun Zombie movies, but I think it's also very interesting to have a film that truly highlights what a horrific situation a Zombie apocalypse would really be.
Even without all of this, I think the line, 'CHOKE ON 'EEEEEM!' (as a man has his guts eaten out) alone should really qualify it for the 'best screenplay of all time' award.
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2021.10.16 12:59 CJStanleyWinter [English > Japanese] Second Echo

Could anyone translate to Japanese if possible, the words "second echo"?
'second' as in subsequent or next,
and 'echo' as in the sound reverberation, but if there is a more abstract translation, such as the passing on of feelings or an echo of emotion, that's even better.

Thank you internet
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2021.10.16 12:59 money_learner アマゾンの低帯域通信「Sidewalk」、6月8日に提供開始へ--Tileトラッカーにも対応 - CNET Japan

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2021.10.16 12:59 whats_ur_fantasy3 Thoughts on Atlas?

My husband loves the name for a boy. Both our families aren’t fond of it. I’m expecting twins, we aren’t sure what we are having yet but want 1 boy 1 girl. Girl name would be Ava and I think they go well together. Wanted some thoughts from an outside source. Thanks
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2021.10.16 12:59 Perfect_Assumption41 Someone wanna trade: fabs0309

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2021.10.16 12:59 DM_your_puss Was told to post this here , what should i grab ? 😏

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2021.10.16 12:59 metalstats Metal Bands per Capita in Italy by Region

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2021.10.16 12:59 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.16 12:59 ScientistKindly blood splatter

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2021.10.16 12:59 uchejulilet-vickyo HONEYFARM LAST LAYER 4 (Honeybee) pre- IHO

Honeyfarm layer3 - Honeymoon emission ends at block 11832200. (Estimated oct 17th 19:00 UTC) As honeyfarm lunch it’s last and final Layer. Benefits of Honeyfarm layers 4
Honeybee layer 4 is coming with more advance.
🔥 Buyback and burn
🔥 Utilized on Layer 4 NFT Jelly
🔥 Utilized on Layer 4 IHO listing on pancake starts now
Click the link below for your pre - IHO Participation
NOTE: Available Pre IHO participation are Non- vesting: these pre IHO makes it possible to claim all BEE after the end of the layer
Vesting pre IHO is claimable 30% after IHO ends, this makes it cheaper then non-vesting.
BSC #yieldfarming #DeFi #BSCGems Link to social media platforms: Website:
Medium: @honeyfarmchef
Global Telegram Announcements:
Global Telegram Chat:
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2021.10.16 12:59 Organisedgod Covers

Who's in The Way of Kings US cover?
Words of Radiance is Kaladin and Szeth at the back. Oathbringer is Jasnah. Rhythm of War is Shallan.
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2021.10.16 12:59 Prestigious-Code3263 Food served hot is overrated and infuriating AF

It is absolutely ridiculous that the societal standard for serving food is serving it hot, it is practically useless plus doesn't make the food taste any better and nothing is more infuriating than burning your tongue from the hot food or having to wait for a couple of minutes for the food to cool down just to prevent your tongue from getting burnt. Food needs to be served at room temperature (neither hot nor cold) and this should be a standard. Also, I know this is a bit too specific but this is one of my pet peeves.
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2021.10.16 12:59 waynetid [US-NY] [H] Steven Universe Amethyst, Dax with Baby Groot FYE, Yondu, ATLA Ty lee and Mai, TLOU Joel +more [W] PayPal, NYCC Bobba Fett, Catwoman TDKR, Captain Rex 164, Starlight Chase, TLOK Korra Chase

Selling these in bundles but feel free to make offers:
Dragon Ball Z Bundle: Both Vegeta and Bulma $30 shipped
Mai and Ty Lee $30 shipped
Drax with Baby Groot and Yondu for $45 shipped
Non bundled ones are:
Yondu $35 shipped
Moff Gideon $12 shipped
Amethyst $15 shipped
Andy Sachs $14 shipped
Drax with Baby Groot (Damaged box) $18 shipped
Venomized Ironheart $13 shipped
Kid Loki Funko Exclusive
Also looking for
Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises
Captain Rex 164
The Boys Starlight Chase
The Legend of Korra, Korra Chase
Bobba Fett NYCC
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2021.10.16 12:59 UnityAssets_new_bot Subsurface Scattering Shader : Integrated into Legacy Lambert and Blinn-Phong shading models this shader package offers simple and fastest subsurface scattering effect even on mobile devices.Shaders are Curved World compatible.Try PC Demo.Have questions? ForumSupport and bug report: support@amazin

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2021.10.16 12:59 SimbaTheSavage8 Happy 18th Birthday

Today’s the day. Today is when I finally turn 18 years old!
I can feel it in my bones. The last of my youth has finally fallen away from me. I feel wiser, stronger, older. A grown man. It is time.
I race down to the town hall, a smile stretching from ear to ear. Everybody has gathered on the streets, cheering and wishing me a happy birthday. The town hall is decked with balloons and banners, streamers twirling the ornaments and draping down the table.
I sit at the head of the table, the king of my own party. The table is groaning upon plates and plates of food. Crunchy potato chips. Ice cream in a rainbow of flavours. Pizza, the tops oozing with globs of gooey cheese and topped with pepperoni. Even strips of dried jerky, a real delicacy.
The best is the wine, which they say is all for me. The cork pops out as they open the bottle and pour it in a golden goblet we reserve specially for the occasion. It runs down my throat like liquid rubies, and it tastes so fruity and aromatic and delicious.
Then the cake is brought out, a pandan chiffon slathered in snow-white frosting. As the candles are lit up and everybody sings the happy birthday song, a tear slides down my cheek.
It truly is the best birthday ever.
Finally comes the Ritual. The best part. The most important part of any eighteen-year old’s birthday party in this community.
The part everyone has been waiting for. I slip on a white robe, before pouring olive oil on my head. Then I raise my eyes to the heavens and start to pray. I hope that the rest of the food is bountiful and delicious this year.
Then I raise the ceremonial dagger, jewels studding the handle, glittering in the sunlight. And make a deep slash across my throat.
Warm blood trickles downwards and stains my robe, turning it a deep crimson. Feeling woozy from losing so much blood at once, I collapse on the floor. The pool around me is as red as the wine I just drank.
People are cheering, and then there is a clatter of cutlery and a mad dash as everyone fights for my flesh. I know that feeling. I know that hunger. I have been part of the crowd once. Ever since we kids discovered how delicious human flesh is--especially for people 18 years old and above, we have danced and feasted for days.
And we haven’t had an eighteenth birthday for months.
Today though, it is a great honour to feed my fellow brothers and sisters. And that is why today is the best birthday ever!
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2021.10.16 12:59 casserole_cat I lost my phone case

Ahhhhhhhh i took it off because i cant charge my phone with it on because its in the way of the plug in. And i was charging my case.
But i keep dropping my phone now so i went to go put it back on my phone. And its not there! I don’t remember what i did with it and this is going to take forever to find
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2021.10.16 12:59 Australian_Tanker Some weird question that no-one can relate because I don't know why I'm fussing over this

Today I bought the BDR G1 B, and then realised that the modifications are very expensive for me XP wise. I only had 6k free XP left after researching it, and decided I would convert some gold into free XP. I took a look at some of my tanks to choose which one I would pinch the combat XP off to convert into free XP, when I noticed something. In the modification research tree for vehicles, there is two amounts of XP listed, Combat Experience and Total Experience. Since I can't make decisions very well I was just looking through every one of my tanks, and noticed that the difference between Combat XP and Total XP is always the same, no matter how much I've used a tank or what type, 6345 XP. I had never converted gold into XP before. Me, being very much not happy with this, seeing the random difference between these two figures, tried to see a reason why this is the way it is. Couldn't really think of any reason at all, or what 'Total Experience' even meant. I started by converting 50 gold into free XP, using Hetzer's combat XP, to see if the difference between the two would change. It did. Now that the difference was made even bigger, I became very sad :(
I know I shouldn't be bothered about this, but I would like someone to explain what 'Total Experience' is and why there is a difference between it and Combat Experience.
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2021.10.16 12:59 ScienceofGenes 'Historic moment': Why the WHO endorsed the first malaria vaccine

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2021.10.16 12:59 Samotbeatzz My genius plan to stop the mobvote arguing

We just don't vote so all the mobs 1) will be added 2) will never be added
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2021.10.16 12:59 heinaga1989 🛰️ NFT Galaxy Token | Presale Ongoing | 🤑 Airdrop is active right now 🎁 | Ends at 11 PM GMT, 16/10/2021 | Amazing NFT-based Gaming Project | Experienced Team | Don’t Miss | Huge Potential | Contract released

🔥 Ongoing huge marketing campaign with airdrops 🔥

🎁 Airdrop Deadline: 11 pm GMT, October 16th. Hurry up! First In, First Rewarded!
🤑 Within the timeframe, every buyer will enjoy the airdrop. Early holders will be rewarded 25% of every purchase amount of the NFT Galaxy token.
💎 Build your unique & majestic intergalactic world with NFT Galaxy! 💎 Became part of the ambitious project 🚀

📅 Presale:
📝 Contract: 0x3a6aad910e09ce94fcbc246e2d3316e3bb472385
⚠️ Disclaimer: It's NFT Galaxy token's smart contract. Please do not transfer assets to this address.
Our token can be purchased during the Presale on Then, after the Launch, via Pancakeswap.

📡 NFT Galaxy is an NFT-based world-building online game. Its blockchain technologies enable you to build your own universe, give it a life, and extend the game as you go.
🔥 This is the Week 1 plan after the presale 💥:

👽 Website:
📱 Telegram:
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2021.10.16 12:59 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Isabelle Mathers

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