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How long did nicotine withdrawal last for you?

2021.10.16 13:35 Acrobatic-Yoghurt572 How long did nicotine withdrawal last for you?

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2021.10.16 13:35 Child_of_the_Abyss Check the username before you claim its reposted

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2021.10.16 13:35 No_Scallion1091 After 3.5 years I (42F) ghosted my SA (46M) - Advise Please

About 1.5 years ago I found out about the extent of his lies. He lost his marriage and his baby due to cheating on his spouse. His addiction is to the point where he searches for dominants, trans, men, pegging, couples, and hookups. This has been going on for over a decade. We are both professional, educated, fun, and genuinely good people.
We’ve broken up a few times ending with me coming back after he promises to get help. He states he knows it’s a problem (he’s a Physician), that he screwed up our relationship, and he knows he needs help. Yet, he never follows through on his word.
Recently, I discovered a conversation with a dominant woman he’s been speaking to for years where he describes sexual encounters with men during our relationship. Though he swears he’s never met anyone and it’s all fantasy, my intuition (which has always been right) tells me otherwise.
I committed to him to stay if he would get help after not speaking for a week. We went on an amazing trip for my birthday, then the next Friday he wouldn’t answer my calls or texts between 7pm-midnight (this has happened several Fridays over the past month). Recently, I found he invited a female work colleague to his house before her move. He blatantly lied stating he didn’t answer the phone because he “passed out”. When I found photos, his defense was he didn’t tell me because I am “weird” about their friendship.
At midnight two weeks ago, when he didn’t answer my calls, I decided that was it. I was done and completely blocked him from my life knowing he will never change.
Part of me wants to call his best friend and ask him to help him. Another part of me says to send him a letter telling him I love him enough to let him go and will support him once he is actively in recovery. Then, there’s the part of me that says run for your life. I have plenty of opportunities to date other men, don’t need financial support, am attractive, and have been actively involved in betrayal trauma therapy for 1.5 years. When d-day occurred I was beyond devastated and stayed in bed for a month (am much stronger now).
I don’t know what the right answer is, but I do know I don’t feel safe and he clearly has no interest in getting help. Any advice is appreciated.
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2021.10.16 13:35 itsyourgxrl [UPLB] Online Org process

Akala ko mas madali pag online process mukang mas nakakadrain pala ngayon lalo na sa time. Kaya sa mga wala pang org diyan or sa pumipili make sure na gusto niyo talaga kasi grabe yung pagod (plus kaba hahaha) wala gusto ko lang mag rant baka may ibang nakakarelate sakin.
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2021.10.16 13:35 KonekoBot Sat Oct 16 22:35:42 2021

AMD, TSLA and SHOP made people a lot of money. Kudos to you for having the balls to go heavy on those.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:26:46 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
TSLA carried you there. Congratulations
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:41:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Got into FLGT at $32 and sold about $180 before it crashed, TSLA at $399 and sold for above $800 in Jan, and SPT and APPS did pretty well for me (although I am no longer holding any of these)
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:03:30 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Good for you. But not learning about some companies and not investing in them is such a loss long term. I went into PLTR TSLA BB NOK. Currently up like 250% in an year. God speed. I bought 200 shares of $TLRY today at $10.3, we will probably get this around 9.5-9.7 soon. If not, I am ok here. ATH is 300$, expecting 13$ by December. This is long-term stock for me though.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:19:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Being more decisive on pulling the triggers. I evaluated adding NVDA and TSLA 6 years ago, delayed on making a decision for 6 months and ended up using the money for a house addition. As Buffett says,“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 15:07:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Current positions in TSM c 112 10/29, DIS c 172.5 10/29, XOM c 64 10/29, FDX c 255 11/05, TSLA c 855 11/12, and GME c 250 12/17
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:19:43 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
🔥 but majority of the gains came from crypto ETH like $8000-9 & TSLA $700 $1800 BTC
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:26:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Interesting that TSLA and COIN are both doing well, and Ark is still sucking.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:27:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm the furthest thing from a Tesla or Bitcoin fan, but at least TSLA and COIN are businesses with cash flows in the present and a decent shot at expanding them in the future. Ark funds take speculation to the next level.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:37:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Agreed. Just strange that TSLA and COIN are some of ARKK’s bigger holdings, and that ARKK was red while the other two rallied.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:03:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Are you trying to hint that TSLA is over-priced? I guess we are expecting +5% Monday then, right?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:55:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I own a 2008 335i. I’ve had a good experience. To each their own I guess. I like TSLA as a stock and I own shares. But nah not owning one anytime soon unless they step up on the aesthetics.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:28:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
TSLA looks like a fat alien car lol. When it comes to aesthetic, it’s gonna be lucid for me.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:07:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
(Assuming that you are in US) I wish i had dumped all i earned into safe stocks when i was 19. This is what i would do if i were 19 again. If you can afford to, maximize your IRA contribution of $6000 (as of this year) and put it into IRA stock account every year. Any trades you make wouldn’t have any tax implications since you will not be withdrawing until retirement. Make sure you have at least 50% in “safe” stocks such as MSFT, APPL, BAC, COST, SPY, TSLA (i personally think this is a safe stock) Other 50% play in risky TSLA, PLTR, PLUG, BB, BLDP, CHPT, NIO, BABA. With riskier stocks, you just buy and sell when you make at least 5% to 10%. You set a target amt you are happy and STICK TO IT. DO NOT WAVER!
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:31:57 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Easily possible. Just don’t let anyone trick you into diversifying. My portfolio is around 95% Tesla and Bitcoin, with the rest being spec stocks. Both TSLA and BTC are projected to 10x or more, and even if they only 3x or something they’ll still beat the 10% annual gains that some people somehow consider an acceptable return.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:08:47 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They called the GME run to $175 while most refused to cover it. This TSLA price target tells me I have more plays to make before any sort of correction. I'm disappointed that I didn't hold my JEF position.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:12:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Ya’ll are fucking nuts. TSLA will maintain its market share and increase its margins. Gm and ford suck ass
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:20:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm up 400%, think I'll keep holding TSLA.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 18:03:47 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
So we all agree TSLA is currently under valued, right? 😃
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:25:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I love coming here to read the 🌈🐻 reasons to still not buy the stock. No way to spin it; TSLA is a beast.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:08:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Man there an insane amount of TSLA shills in this thread.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:44:05 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Not at all. Unless you expect Tesla to have a lower P/E than Amazon had they will soon be undervalued. EPS for TSLA will blow your mind in a few years.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:07:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm slowly scaling back my TSLA position. Started holding in 2019, it's been a wild ride. I spent some years in autonomous vehicle development and my observation is that tech diffuses within a few years. Now that the big manufacturers are also on the BEV train (and have L2 autonomy) TSLA don't exactly have much of a moat among consumers who haven't bought into the Tesla marketing/Elon hype.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:02:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Tesla's PEG ratio is 5.33 according to zacks. The forward PEG is 6.22 according to nasdaq. That aside, doesn't PEG ratio presuppose that the growth rate is sustainable? For TSLA to have the same growth rate as the last year they'd have to increase their EPS like 5x annually because 2020 had relatively low profits. I'm not even sure they have the supply chain to support that kind of growth. In two years they'd need a supply chain the size of like 4 Toyotas.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 13:56:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
> Now that the big manufacturers are also on the BEV train (and have L2 autonomy) TSLA don't exactly have much of a moat among consumers who haven't bought into the Tesla marketing/Elon hype. Even Elon acknowledges that autonomy will not be Tesla's moat, but rather manufacturing. And tbh, I don't see anyone else scaling to 20 million EVs per year other than Tesla. And seeing SpaceX's manufacturing innovations adds to my conviction that Elon does next gen vehicle manufacturing better than others. disclosure: I don't own Tesla, so just an observer.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:21:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I love the hype, it's made me some big bucks. I'm not against TSLA but I am reducing. For example: IDK where this 20MM units/year figure came from but I think it's improbable that TSLA would become the largest car company in the world by a factor of 2.5 anytime soon. That people believe this has been great for my portfolio, but I'm taking those gains and diversifying them out into stuff that's less hype based.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 16:57:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Yeah but TSLA will set the standard by which all other EV’s are judged.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:34:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
>battery day happened a year ago Yes that is exactly my point. The idea of TSLA as a battery technology leader is pure speculation on the future, completely divorced from commercial realities.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:52:30 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Right - the new ones that TSLA has literally never sold.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:51:08 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
1) It shows how quickly GM can launch an EV product. It's not about reusing components, it's developing a process to design and manufacture EV vehicles. Lyriq will be available early 2022, and I expect other GM brands to announce more EVs soon. They do not lack capacity to produce EV vehicles, don't know why you think that. Plants can be re-tooled for EV pretty quickly. 2) I'm wrong on this, but now it tells me if TSLA can make good margins on EVs, why can't GM? 3) This is just not true. There is certainly growing EV demand, but ICE demand has not gone down. Plenty of people do not trust EVs yet whether it be range anxiety, concerns about repair, charger availability, etc. Please explain how an ICE will be worthless in a few year? I can still by gas and drive it lol
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:50:26 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I think you meant Cathie Woods? Though Elon agreed with it as long as Tesla could execute well. In any case hard to say, TSLA is really a long term play for the next few years or so (5+ years). Research a bit into what Tesla is doing over the next few years and see if you think they are likely to make it happen. If you think so, buy some stock. If not, best to keep your distance. The bulls have the stock going up by roughly 3X (possibly within a few years) or more while the bears have it going down by roughly 3X or more over the next few years. You really want to be confident on which side you want to be on there, and historically the bears have been beaten down by the bulls, though they probably did pretty well when it was going down early in the year as long as they got out soon enough.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 04:49:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
3000 is not realistic. But TSLA does have room to grow. It is currently overvalued, but growing tech companies often are. Compare the last 5 years of TSLA to XOM to see where the market thinks the future going.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 15:16:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
If I had to bet, I think it will be PLTR. Tesla is where it is because it has a cult like following, a charismatic leader, an enticing story, and it's the clear leader in a cutting edge industry. PLTR has all these things. However, TSLA was also enabled by expansionary monetary and fiscal policies. I am not sure if this environment will continue.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 16:14:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Remember what $TSLA did in late 2019 and how long it lasted? Destruction mode unleashed until late 2022 again, just Shanghai alone was enough to move TSLA & forward EPS estimates up biggly last year, same setup is forming again with Berlin & Austin. Add in another split obviously coming next year as Elon explicitly said that while they don't envision one >>for now<< they don't exclude the possibility 🚀🚀🚀 Tl;dr: eat shit 🌈burrytards.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:39:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost IIIamHiii (0/1) made a bet that TSLA would go to 1000.0 when it was 812.16 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:38:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!banbet TSLA -8% 1w
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:22:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!banbet TSLA 900 1w
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:27:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA was the first stock to net me 6 figures, looks like we're going for 7 now
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:06:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
My TSLA 2023 leaps up 100% now 🥳
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:01:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
That dude who went all in TSLA 820p at 12 !(emote|t5_2th52|4271)
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:09:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Burry closed his TSLA shorts. Time to switch off bear mode and go back to SPY Debit spreads.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:55:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Today I paper handed 20 TSLA 0DTE $830c I was happy to walk away up $350. Had I held through the day I would have been up $24k FUCK ME BAHAHAHAHAHA !(emote|t5_2th52|4271)
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:34:26 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Why has ARK been so shit lately? Still underperforming the market even when Cathy's favorite stocks like TSLA and COIN are mooning.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:02:57 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Can guarantee TSLA will hit ATH next week.. it’s been on 🔥🔥🔥
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:53:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA bears fucking hog tied, raped, and executed in front of their families . . . Again 😈😈😈😈
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:51:32 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Burry no longer shorting TSLA Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/15/michael-burry-says-hes-no-longer-betting-against-tesla-and-that-his-put-position-was-just-a-trade.html
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:15:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!banbet TSLA 1000 by dec 24
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 20:35:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He never shorted TSLA he had Puts
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:24:36 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
On TSLA right?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:03:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Yeah that was me and Apple like 10-15 years ago. Didn’t want to miss the TSLA train this time.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:55:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
JFC when you put it like that I'm never going to be able to retire. And I spun ~32k worth of shit DD dumbass mix of dividend stocks into ~450k worth of TSLA in the last 2 years. This was all in retirement accounts. TSLA, options and shares, is ~99% of it.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 04:16:32 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
> A month out in expiration with a ~.2 delta is pretty much regarded as the best probability of keeping the premium and keeping your shares. Thanks for that. Looks like Nov 12 TSLA @ $920 has a delta of 0.19. 920 is above the ATH, but earnings are coming and it wouldn't be surprising for it to pass that in 1-2 weeks. If you'd have a big tax bill (like OP) for selling shares it might be better to wait until the dust settles after earnings to re-evaluate it.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:31:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Problem with Burry is that he thinks too logically and is unable to deviate at all from that. Inflation + interest rates go up, TSLA should be the first to drop like a rock right? But the fact is that TSLA does not behave like a regular stock. Its the granddaddy of the meme stocks. What all meme stocks eventually aspire to be. Most people invested in it aren't gonna behave logically. They don't give a shit how many cars TSLA is delivering or what their profit margins are. They're in it to be a part of something. They think that TSLA's gonna change the world and don't plan to sell regardless of interest rates and all that other shit. In this case they might actually be right. But I definitely wouldn't bet against Musk.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 18:25:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Lol he's a fucking idiot for shorting TSLA now everyone's throwing it in his face he can't handle the trolls and now deletes his Twitter like a little bitch.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:59:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA body count. Who's next?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:26:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
No hate for Burry. It's haters like him who makes my TSLA wheel strategies possible.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 02:41:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
When power outages occur in CA I wonder how TSLA stock will perform. LMFAO
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 19:51:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Because he hasn’t.. he would have to disclose that and he did the opposite he bought more puts when TSLA was at its yearly low lol but I don’t look at his Twitter
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:45:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He's soft as fuck. I have nothing against him, but I once asked him on Twitter about his TSLA Puts and immediately got blocked. Wants to be a bear, but can't take a fucking comment.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:31:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA after hours: 849
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:54:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Dude bet against TSLA which had no clear reason to go down other than maybe some cooling off since it's P/E ratio is sky high. But there were still lots of possible reasons for it to still go up and it did.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 16:20:33 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
We don't know how much the puts were worth because the 13K filings are lame as fuck. He bought about 8000 PUTS with an unknown strike. The filings report the amounts as = 13K filing amount. So it looked like he had a 100+MM bet against TSLA but you're right, could've been 1M, or could've been like $50K if they were $200 strike.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 22:29:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Even in a market crash I don't think TSLA would be the best stock to do puts on to go down. I'd look at financial institutions or whatever industry that crapped the bed to cause a market meltdown to bet against.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 19:22:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
It’s ok I sold my TSLA calls when I was up like a few hundred when the stock was at 790ish now it’s at 850 a week later. I’d be up like $10k
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:23:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Did Burry really take a loss here? He bought puts when TSLA was pretty high IIRC. Tesla had a massive downturn in March. If he cashed out his positions and don’t get greedy, he probably made bank
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 04:33:52 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA looks like a classic Livermore cylinder though. These ALWAYS go back down. It will go sub 300. The only question is when. In 10 years maybe, maybe next year.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:23:06 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Great investigator? What was his TSLA thesis other than "price too high imo" ?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:27:05 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
So, what was the fundamental flaw with TSLA ?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:41:08 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
not at all, I'd love to hear the flaw I kind of suspect it's tied to a certain notion that "juST a CAr coMPAny" can't ever have this valuation, or that raising rates will kill growth companies (even the ones like TSLA that have no need to borrow), but I'd rather not go on assumptions, please lay down the argument!
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 05:00:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
FTR, I am very bullish on TSLA the ticker. The sentiment is extremely powerful. Elon has a Jobs-esque marketing genius to him as well. He can single-handedly move the several trillions plus entire cr!pto market with a tweet. However, based on the limited evidence we have, it is almost entirely a car company TODAY and at least for several years. Could that change? Sure. But Google buying up shares of IonQ doesn't make them a company just around the corner to dominate quantum computing. So as a car company, future projections of absurd margins simply do not add up. 100 years of economic history in the auto industry all points to the same thing. Swapping out an ICE and instead power the car with a battery doesn't change a god damn thing. It is a cyclical business with razor thin margins and fiercely competitive. No one wants to drive the same car as everyone else.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 06:01:10 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
That's some BDE. Did Burry quit shorting TSLA because of you?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:44:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
What do you think? Can you gain 1500% on TSLA with shares in a week?
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:20:37 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Everyone fixated on TSLA image (and I'm a tiny bit curious how you sat through the S, 3, X and Y releases without saying "hmmm... I think I'll buy a few more shares")... but I clicked through to the second picture to see the one day gains on GME. Awesome timing! Make sure to put some aside for taxes
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 03:28:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I bought my first TSLA shares in 2012. I sold them later that year for a nice 10% gain.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 05:12:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I’m scared seeing all these TSLA gains… makes me scared to hold FD’s. But I’m gonna f&$kin do it anyways because I’m retarded and like TSLAndies
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 05:26:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA 🚀🚀🚀
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 11:05:32 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA is unrivaled. It was silly in the first place to bet against Tesla. Furthermore, TSLA is valued higher than all of the major automotive companies combined and is pumping out their products in record numbers, despite “supply chain issues” that all of the other automotive makers are discovering along the way of their very delayed entry into the EV market. The big players need to stay in their lane and not go all in on EV when one reigns supreme in comparison. This is how GM will go bankrupt a second time; F, their first time. TSLA applied to become an energy supplier in Texas. Their factory in Berlin will further push the deliveries to record numbers. Starlink is now in talks with major airline companies. SpaceX will commercialize space travel at an affordable price for the average citizen. What is there NOT to invest in here? TSLA PT in 2025, $4000. Remind me in 2025 of this post, bot.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:25:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Burry may have lost some credibility, but I think he's generally right on his former short position. There is no way TSLA should be at it's current valuation in any shape or form. On the automobile front, it's way out of its league against the majors now making their push into EVs at scale, and at better values. On the solar energy side, wasn't Elon's takeover of Solar City bascially a bailout from their ongoing losses and near bankruptcy? My takeaway is that betting against a cult is a recipe for disaster, but at some point, their day of reckoning will come....hopefully well timed puts will go Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:57:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Damn this shit will make Tesla go to the ducking moon on Monday. Glad I have BP and didn’t immediately gamble it away as soon as I took profit creating an endless cycle of winning big and losing even bigger. Time to go big on TSLA though.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:16:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Hes saying that now?!?!? But TSLA started its bear cycle...
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 23:51:48 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Been buying around 650 and below and selling at different targets over 700 for a while this year. Missed the timing once or twice on the sell and held through the bottom of the channel. One share bought and sold a couple times is now 1.44 shares with a lot better cost basis. I was using extra profits to buy into some other things, but TSLA money is for TSLA only, since the last bottom.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:23:59 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I’ll agree with that. It’s just to create emphasis on how TSLA is advancing and dominating ☺️
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 00:34:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You ever why shit like TSLA pinned most of the day around 832 pumped 9 bucks in last hour? It's so RH dumbasses don't get free monies. Happened to AMZN too.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:11:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME, CLOV (sold at top), TSLA, WISH, NVDA
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 13:44:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA really is unstoppable isn’t it lol It’s completely broken the shell of a man once known as Burry and just. keeps. going.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 13:50:40 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Won --- AlmightySnoo made a bet that TSLA would go to 825.0 when it was 811.1 and it did, congrats retard.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 13:55:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
!banbet TSLA 700 3w
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:41:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Im betting TSLA runs up to 850 into earnings then dumps back to 800
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:45:46 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA valuation is equal to all automakers combined and all companies in the world relax
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:50:01 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Won --- beepboopbop65 (1/0) made a bet that TSLA would go to 839.27 when it was 785.1 and it did, congrats fucker.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 19:39:24 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Won --- yungnickyyp made a bet that TSLA would go to 835.0 when it was 808.73 and it did, congrats retard.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 15:34:22 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
BAN BET LOST u/MichaelBurry made a bet that TSLA would go to $200 when it was $840 and it did not, so he was BIGLY fukt !(emote|t5_2th52|4271)
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 19:28:08 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Oh man burry is fucked TSLA 900 nextweek
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:51:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TSLA has record earnings. $900 next week.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 19:58:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Burry’s TSLA puts are toast
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 11:18:45 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
SPY flying while TSLA is pushed down hard
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 18:01:51 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
wish i had money to sell TSLA puts
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Sat Oct 16 01:03:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I fundamentally don’t understand the hype around Nio 🤷🏽‍♂️ TSLA isn’t worth what it is because it makes electric vehicles but everyone seems to think that other electric car companies should be valued similar to TSLA based on car sales. Nio is a China stock so huge risk plus they are going down dead ends with their battery swap tech. Tesla is years ahead of them and instead of learning from TSLA, nio is going down losing paths just to hype the stock. That is absolutely a company i won’t touch. I don’t need to. You may make a lot of money and I hope you do but i have too many companies that are exciting and changing the world to spend money on Nio who is not the innovator but the guy playing catch up but still wasting its time and money going down bad paths that Tesla learned were bad paths a long time ago. Edit: it looks like I’m bashing TSLA but I’m saying that TSLA is worth their valuation but not because of their car sales.
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 13:57:22 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You must wanna go back there, messing with TSLA options
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 15:59:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
OP-I understand this is WSB, but here are my legit concerns: 1. IV Crush after earnings 2. TSLA earnings priced into stock price- and it has dropped after earnings (although past performance is not indicative of future performance) If I were you, I would closely monitor the stock price next week and close Wed afternoon (before earnings) - that way you take advantage of the earnings before iv crush and theta decay screws you
KEYWORD : TSLA DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:21:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I would say invest Your whole portfolio into your top picks that you are extremely confident about. I believe the stocks you picked CRSR, UBER and HYMTF are all really good value Plays rn. Warren Buffet said Diversification is for the ones not willing to learn- all you need are 3-4 really great companies and you will beat the market every time. Don't listen to these guys telling u to invest into ETFS. Right now is the perfect time to bring on RISK into your portfolio so you can LEARN and get higher RETURNS in the future. Passive investing will NOT make you learn about the market. Also don't listen to these guys telling you to paper trade. Trading with real money is much different because there is Emotion and real value tied to each decision you make, even if it is just something like $10. And finally GOOD LUCK! Starting Early is the best decision you will ever make..
KEYWORD : CRSR DATE : Sat Oct 16 08:06:10 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
CRSR is at the top of the WSB stocks list today Source: (https://www.wsbmemestockslist.com/home)
KEYWORD : CRSR DATE : Fri Oct 15 17:06:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Hello, I have started investing in the market 6 months ago so I'm unsure whether I should do the following. I have position in CRSR for 6 months now and this thing has been doing nothing but dropping in price and the recent unaudited earnings isn't helping at all. Should I cut my loss now (-20%) if I found out that there is another company that might do well based on my DD. The opportunity cost is too high here, shouldn't have bought a company with no moat...
KEYWORD : CRSR DATE : Fri Oct 15 11:13:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
You're going to have a lot of people telling you to hold OR buy more at the lower price to drop your cost basis. I'm not a CRSR holder (so I don't follow them as closely), but ratings look good and this seems to be a price point to buy. Was there something that fundamentally changed where you want to sell? What is your average cost? Are the recent price targets at $35 making you green? Premarket right now trading at $25.30/share.
KEYWORD : CRSR DATE : Fri Oct 15 11:19:24 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I feel bad for the people bagholding on CRSR, but I’m starting to get interested in a position for a long-term hold after these price drops. Not quite where it’s at now, but a return to near-IPO prices for a company that makes money (even if it’s short of expectations) isn’t a terrible idea.
KEYWORD : CRSR DATE : Fri Oct 15 14:51:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
What are you holding that you werent up? JXN was down as well. Please dont tell me you are holding CRSR?
KEYWORD : CRSR DATE : Fri Oct 15 21:21:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
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2021.10.16 13:35 simp39281372 I don’t know what to do about this girl…

Last week I asked this girl out (from one of my classes). She texted back and said she was busy for the next few weeks and she’ll let me know if she becomes free.
The last time I see her is next week (it’s our class last of the semester). I really really like this girl and I thought we got on great throughout the semester. Do I say anything to her next week? I really like her but I don’t want to be creepy.
I really like her 😕
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2021.10.16 13:35 AVeryRandomDude Oh no, not this guy again

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2021.10.16 13:35 AaronsVlogYT Expo 2020 game?!

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2021.10.16 13:35 snugglesatnightfall It’s been 5 months and I still can’t fully get over him

It’s been up and down for five months since we broke up. I went from crying every time I thought of him to getting angry and seeing the red flags when I looked back at the relationship. From I didn’t care about him loves me or not and thought I moved on, but today, everything seems to be back to the day I broke up with him. I knew he didn’t love me that much, there was red flags, but I just can’t get over him because we once shared so much intimacy that we talked about everything… I missed that and I missed him… i start to cry all over again when thinking of him. Damn, first love is so hard. (Also, last time it took me 4 years to feel indifferent about everything related to my best friend who cut me off…. It felt just like it repeats with this time’s break up…. And probably this is worse because I can’t stand thinking about how could he so easily moved on and blocked me on all social media and texting app? It’s not fair that I hurt so much.
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2021.10.16 13:35 IdFap2Dat I need opinions on whether this Mining store is legit or not.

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2021.10.16 13:35 svanapps r/litecoin - Happy 10 Year Birthday Litecoin - What a journey.

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2021.10.16 13:35 qmacrodrgfxs 🔥$BurningMoon – Highest burn rate ever! | 🔥Rewards in BNB for burning your own tokens |💎Released utility NFTs that earn passive income through partnerships | CMC and CG listed |🔥 6900 holders+ | 3m marketcap | Platform ready to be seen | 🚀Next x100

Get a hold of $BurningMoon and understand how to get passive income through smart contract controlled NFTs! Keep in touch with the latest news and join their community:
💲Where to buy from? Pancakeswap with 12% slippage! 💲
🚨We are talking about $BurningMoon, tell me the hottest news! 🚨
🔥$BurningMoon offers unique smart contract controlled NFTs that earn any holder lifetime rewards as a passive income opportunity. These rewards can be claimed anytime and will be provided in the partnership tokens currency. Current partnership NFTs: EarnADA, LuckyPig, two more to go live this week!
🔥Developing an own NFT marketplace. The most % of the trading fees get as dividends to BM holders, the rest for buyback and burn
🔥Developing a Launchpad for new safe coins (scams not possible!). First it will be for BSC coins, later also for coins from ETH, Matic, FTM etc.
🔥We will develop a NFT game with big rewards for holder
👉 What is $BurningMoon? We are going for a lot of burning!
$BurningMoon is a hyper-deflationary token, that aims to achieve the highest burn rate ever seen, by incentivizing holders to burn their tokens.
Holders get rewarded in BNB. Additionally, they can choose to be rewarded in any token they wish, including the “Promotion Token” which enables special bonuses.
👉 What are the key use cases and benefits of $BurningMoon token?
✅High reward system – $BurningMoon provides all holders a passive income earned from every transaction.
✅Anti-Dump Mechanics – Frequency and amount of token to be sold is limited per wallet.
✅Sacrificial Token – Holders can burn their tokens to double their rewards.
✅Security by Design - $BurningMoon was coded from scratch by Rainhard, a well-known developer.
✅Prelaunch Audit
✅Community Oriented and Fair – The team strives for transparency, trust and full community drive.
✅Team Driven – Their team consists of experienced and dedicated individuals
✅No Phoney Roadmap – Instead of listing blurry goals their team will expand their ecosystem from the get go.
👉 Do they have something to show! Application is ready + a tutorial how to use it!
Take a look at their app and see for yourself their product:
and a tutorial is ready if you don’t know how to operate:
💲They are Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listed already! 💲
♻️Tax Distribution (varies):
📌 Buy tax: 10%(variable)
📌 Sell tax: 20%(variable)
(25% tax max.)
-Tax Distribution
📌 40% Staking
📌 40% Auto LP
📌 20% Burn
📌 Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000
📌 Token maximum hold (Whale protection): 10,000,000
🔗 Join the community and feel the great vibe!
Burning Moon’s team have given you a wide variety of social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.
🌐 Website: https://burningmoon.xyz
📱 Telegram: https://t.me/BurningMoonBSC
📱 Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/BurningMoonBSC_ann
🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurningMoonBSC
🌐 Instagram: www.instagram.com/burningmoon_bsc
🌟Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/BurningMoon/
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2021.10.16 13:35 fuckmigraines "What if the Pandemic Never Happened" Kpop Edition: Where do you think certain groups would be today if they could travel internationally in 2020?

It's quite obvious that the pandemic shutting the world down at the beginning of 2020 put a huge damper on many kpop groups' potential activities. The momentum so many groups built up came to a grinding halt. The game changed immensely from international touring and appearances to increased online engagement in an effort to keep face with fans around the world. (Obligatory: kpop going digital was also to cater to their domestic fans who couldn't attend events due to their own Covid rules. Don't want to be exclusionary of SK-based fandoms.)
We had groups on the launch pad like BTS ready to conquer the world with their 2020 tour. They achieved such insane success during the pandemic, but it truly makes you wonder where they could be if it didn't happen. You also have Blackpink who probably had a ton of appearances scheduled in 2020 to firmly establish themselves as front row fashion show fixtures, as well as their tour heavy scheduling that likely got trampled on by Covid.
But it's not just the already-popular-with-ifans groups that had their world turned upside down with the pandemic. So, with that being said, who do you think was majorly nerfed by the pandemic and why? How do you think debuting in a pandemic affected some groups and soloists?
P.S. I'm so sorry there hasn't been a post on this sub for a week. I got swamped at work. If any of you are thinking of making a post but need a little help crafting it, please don't hesitate to shoot me a DM. I'm totally down to help you bring your stray kpop thought to life 👻
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2021.10.16 13:35 Whambarino Whining sound from speakers when accelerating, sounds like a supercharger

'08 Honda Civic R18 engine with 140k miles
Since purchasing this car, the speakers have been making a whining sound like a supercharger while I accelerate. Happens most noticeably when I have a USB wire connected to my cigarette 12v usb adapter or when heaters are on. The whine is definitely coming from my speakers as when I turn the stereo off, the whine goes away.
I have seen other forums mention it could be a bad alternator, however the alternator and battery health was checked and they are in normal working condition.
Any ideas?
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2021.10.16 13:35 BotDefense overview for Abject_Week_1840

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2021.10.16 13:35 adi089_tya How To Find Mental Peace Never lose hope 😌 Must Read "Way of Living" when anxiety weighs you down.

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2021.10.16 13:35 GrandLeopard3 The links are legit everywhere

Go to any subreddit and sort by hot or top of all time then click new on comments, you see that? Yeah the links are absolutely everywhere even on subs that don’t have anything to do with nsfw material. Can Reddit do something about this? Ban discord or t.me links? Anything? When I’m horny and go to a nsfw sub to feel nice I don’t wanna look at the comments and undoubtedly see those disgusting links. I mean has Reddit even made any announcements? It’s not just Reddit either just about any site you can think of. It wasn’t like this a couple months ago so wtf happened?
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2021.10.16 13:35 Esmyt18 Any idea how to fix this? I can't go to challenge hub either. I've tried verifying game files on steam. reinstalling eac and reinstalled mcc a few days ago

Any idea how to fix this? I can't go to challenge hub either. I've tried verifying game files on steam. reinstalling eac and reinstalled mcc a few days ago submitted by Esmyt18 to halo [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 13:35 Adam-Pigman H: Iffr black powder pistol W: legendary ripper offers

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2021.10.16 13:35 ButterKing85 The Lastation Goddesses Are Ready For Sports!

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2021.10.16 13:35 chastehel If you think no one cares about you, try missing a few payments

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2021.10.16 13:35 GroovYxNinjA Probably an Unpopular Opinion

We’re all getting ready for voting, we’ve been talking about it or at the least reading about it. One thing I came across is people complaining that their jobs do not allow them to vote (ex. Military).
My question to these people, why did you commit your ALGO’s to governance if you knew you wouldn’t be able to vote? Why are you, instead, planning on voting to force other govs into a situation solely for your benefit and not the benefit of others or Algorand?
Sure your vote is your choice, of course, maybe you do believe your choice is the right one regardless of occupation. But please, if your decision goes something like “oh I won’t be able to vote bc of that option, so I’ll choose the other or I won’t get rewarded” then you’re not supposed to be a governor anyway. Go pack your bags and wait for your boarding zone to be called.
Maybe I’m looking at this from a bad point of view, I’m probably not being the most cheerful about this either, but personal gain isn’t what we should be looking for IMO
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2021.10.16 13:35 sjdjfjg Need to cum for her, preferably Rp or catfish, pm I can show off cx

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2021.10.16 13:35 WWAvy hope not a repost

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2021.10.16 13:35 Paschal-La-8394 They used the right song lol

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